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We understand that medical equipment uptime is critical for our customers to provide quality patient care.

Equipment Repair

We work on a variety of equipment from surgical to veterinary equipment. We take pride in having short repair turnaround time and offering equipment loaners so your business is as unaffected as possible when repairs are necessary.


Routine maintenance is key to keeping your equipment in the best condition possible. Let us make that process easier with easy to schedule and efficient maintenance services. We can assist in all of your service needs.

Equipment Sales & Consulting

Need a part for a piece of equipment but aren't sure where to find or how to get it? Let CBS help with that process to get you parts quickly and cost-effectively. Also, if you're looking to buy new or used equipment, CBS is here to make sure you get the right equipment for your situation.

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Hospital Networks

Specialty Clinics

Surgery Centers

Dental Clinics

Vet Clinics

Pet Hospitals

Primary Care


Health Networks

Cosmetic Surgery

Chiropractic & Massage

Tattoo Parlor & Shops

Pain Management

Private Practice

Physical Therpay


Anesthesia Services

Mortuary Services


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CBS Equipment Labels

Reoccurring Maintenance

Indicates the last date maintenance was preformed and when the next scheduled maintenance is due. 

No Maintenance Schedule

Indicates that this device does not need to be serviced regularly. The date indicates when the device was put into service or last repaired.

Loaner Maintenance

This equipment is a loaner of CBS. Indicates the last time maintenance was performed on this device.